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About Us

Pacific Oak Compounding Pharmacy is located in the heart of Arcadia, California. We specialize in crafting tailor-made medications formulated to meet the unique needs of every patient. We also offer traditional pharmacy services such as prescription filling and immunizations.

Pacific Oak Compounding Pharmacy brings custom-made medications together with unparalleled patient services. Medication refills are synchronized through our TotalSync Program which also gives patients access to Free Delivery, Free Blister Packaging, and Free Monthly One-On-One Pharmacist Appointments. These services are built around our core value of providing exceptional care at the utmost service and convenience.

Meet the Pharmacist


Dr. John Kong

Compassionate, concise, reliable, Dr. John Kong is a native of the San Gabriel Valley and is proud to bring quality care to his community.

Our Mission

  • Provide exceptional compounded medications at the utmost service and convenience.
  • Support prescribers with an innovative, evidence-based approach for compound medication therapy.
  • Serve patients with coordinated pharmacy care and clear one-on-one communication with their pharmacist.